Thinking About Selling Your Dental Practice?

Benevis specializes in affiliating with well-run dental offices and keeping them that way. We are not dental practice brokers. We are the only dental service organization that customizes transaction terms based on your needs and works with you every step of the way for a smooth transition. If you are thinking about selling your dental practice in the next 3-5 years – look no further than Benevis to get the most for your dental practice.

There are many reasons to sell a dental practice – retirement, personal circumstances, financial considerations, or lifestyle changes. Whatever the reason, you want to make sure your needs are met when selling your dental practice. That also includes the needs of your patients and staff. We’d love to talk more about your options.

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We pride ourselves on affiliating with top dentists whose practice and staff are respected throughout their community. And we’ve found that our services work best with practices grossing $800,000 or more in collections. We currently offer affiliation opportunities in 22 states and Washington DC.

We’re happy to discuss with you further details of our affiliation qualifications. Simply request a practice appraisal by clicking below.

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Why Benevis

Affiliation with Benevis provides dentists with exceptional support services and unique practice transition opportunities. Benevis works with you through every step of the practice sale and transition process, doing our very best to accommodate your dental practice transition and personal goals.

135+ affiliated practices400+ professionals12+ years experience
  1. Cash Up Front
  2. Straightforward Terms
  3. Customized Transition Plan
  4. Stress-Free Transition & Exit
  5. Maintain Full Clinical Control
  6. Practice Brand & Community Reputation

Our Team

Meet the talented team of individuals dedicated to the mission of Benevis Affiliations.

  • Don Spiert

    Don Spiert

    Director of Acquisitions

    Don brings extensive experience in finance, compliance, risk management, and dental operations to the Acquisitions Team. Prior to joining Benevis, Don managed a national team of specialists at Bank of America Practice Solutions which provided on-site financial and operational support to dentists. Don’s deep understanding of dental finance enables him to craft individualized transition proposals for each doctor.
  • Aubrey Dennis-King

    Maria Huffstead

    Acquisitions Manager

    In her role as Acquisitions Manager, Maria supports the Acquisitions team. Prior to joining Benevis Maria supported development in the Franchise world and brings extensive experience supporting the franchise development process. Maria’s experience and understanding for processes enables her to provide support services throughout the entire practice transition for each dentist and the Acquisitions Team.

“The Benevis team has been most supportive and responsive as our staff has made its transition from a private solo practice to members of the Benevis family.”

Dr. Lynn Shaw, Practice Owner

“What I like best about Benevis is that I am able to run my practice exactly the way I always have.”

Dr. Martin Diamond, Practice Owner

Affiliating with Benevis has lifted so much of the day to day stress off of my shoulders. It's nice working with people who really care about you—not just the well being of the practice, but of you as well. I can truly say dentistry is fun again!

Dr. Derrick Hampton, Practice owner

Affiliation with Benevis has been very beneficial to me as a practitioner and practice owner. Having them as a partner, has allowed me to focus 100% of my time and attention to getting the clinical outcomes my patients deserve and building the skills of my associates without the additional burden of management, entrepreneurial risk, legal liabilities and human resources demands that took up so much of my time. Now, I work a schedule where I have more time with the family and can take advantage of more opportunities for personal development.

Dr. David Vieth, Practice owner

Working with Benevis has really changed the way I felt about being a practice owner. After years of working in my own practice it was refreshing to leave behind dealing with accountants, attorneys, paying bills, and managing every aspect of the office. In Benevis, I found a real partner with access to capital and expertise in the specific areas of practice management where I didn’t want to dedicate my time. As their partner, I’m now the owner of numerous practices where I can focus on being the best clinician, working directly with my associates, and making sure that my patients have the very best dental experience possible.

Dr. Dale Mayfield, Practice owner

I’m Ready, What’s Next?

Let’s talk!

During our initial conversation, we will determine if Benevis is a good option for your dental practice transition needs.
If so, we will ask you to:

  1. Sign our Non-Disclosure Agreement to protect you and Benevis during the exchange of confidential and privileged information as we continue conversations.
  2. Fill out a practice profile so we can better understand the ins and outs of your practice.
  3. Send us some financial information along with a few reports from your practice management system.

With this information, we will complete a valuation for your practice and set up a time to review the details with you.