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Benevis is a dental consulting company that provides support services to dentists. Founded in 2002, Benevis has a deep understanding of what it takes to successfully run a dental practice and now supports over 130 dental practices across the United States.

Benevis' mission is to help dentists better manage and grow their practices while offering the best services possible to their patients.

Benevis Dental Consulting Services

Running a dental practice involves managing a wide range of administrative tasks, including marketing, human resources and accounting. Benevis' primary mission is to help dentists maximize time with patients and spend less time on these administrative tasks.

Our Services

When your dental practice partners with Benevis, you are gaining the support of over 400 Benevis team members and more than 12 years of dental consulting experience. Some of our services include:

  • HR & Recruiting. Benevis helps create an efficient and streamlined recruiting process that will broaden the reach of your recruiting efforts. 
  • Payroll & Benefits. Managing payroll and employee benefits are time consuming tasks. Benevis manages it all for you, including 401(k), health and liability insurance and payroll services. 
  • Operations Support and Consulting. Benevis is committed to offering support only where you want it. Our team of professionals will help you make changes where you see fit and will otherwise employ a hands-off approach to operations management. 
  • Finance & Accounts payable. With the help of Benevis, your practice's financial administration will be expertly managed. You'll have the option to approve invoices and bills paid on a recurring basis.
  • Facilities Management. When unexpected administrative problems arise, Benevis will take care of them quickly, efficiently and thoroughly.

Our Clients 

Practices all over the United States have chosen Benevis for dental consulting and support. Some practices that Benevis serves include:

Our Promise

Benevis is dedicated to offering the best in dental support services with flexible transition opportunities. When you choose to affiliate with Benevis, you have immediate access to our Practice + Advantage services.

When asked about his experience with Benevis, Dr. Derrick Hampton said, "Affiliating with Benevis has lifted so much of the day-to-day stress off of my shoulders. It's nice working with people who really care about you—not just the well being of the practice, but of you as well. I can truly say dentistry is fun again!"

To learn more about Benevis or to request a dental practice valuation, visit our website to contact us today.

Zac Rhinesmith

Zac Rhinesmith

770 710 3042 Email me

Zac joined Benevis as a Manager of Talent Acquisition in 2015. He works to identify dentists who would be interested in ownership opportunities at our affiliated practices across the United States. Zac enjoys really getting to know the dentists he works with so he can help them purchase a practice that perfectly suits their needs. Zac spends his free time with his wife and two dogs. When the weather gets warm, you can usually find him on the lake, at a Braves game, or playing golf.

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