Benevis provides billing and other non-clinical support services to many dental offices across the country. We send statements and collect payments for your dentist. If you received a statement from Benevis, it is on behalf of your dental provider.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did I receive a statement from Benevis?

Benevis provides billing support for dental offices nationwide. Benevis administers insurance claims, collects payments from customers, and issues those payments to dentists.

How do I pay my balance?

You can make a one-time payment if you have your statement. If not, you can visit your dentist’s website ( and pay your balance there.

Why did it take this long to get my statement?

Insurance processing can take a long time. Although Benevis sends claims to insurance companies each business day, it can take three or more weeks before the insurer contacts Benevis. In some cases, Benevis may hold a claim until your insurance company is ready to receive the claim. Benevis ensures speedy processing of claims and works to deliver balance notifications in the shortest amount of time possible.

Why is the amount on my statement different than what the dental office estimated?

Your insurance company tells Benevis how much you owe. There are many reasons why the final amount you owe may be different from the best estimate your dentist provided on the day of your visit.

The amount you owe can change based on these reasons:
  1. You have not met your deductible. A deductible is the minimum amount you are required to pay before your insurance company will offer coverage.
  2. Your insurance does not cover the charge(s). Sometimes insurance will not cover procedures based on your plan, health history, or other reasons.
  3. You have met your policy maximum. Your insurance may only cover up to a specific amount per year. If the charges exceed that amount, you will be obligated to pay the balance.
  4. Your copay or coinsurance is different than what your dentist estimated. Dentists estimate your copay or coinsurance based on what your insurance company tells them.
I thought my insurance covered some of the services I received. Why weren’t they covered?

Benevis recommends you discuss any insurance coverage and benefit decisions directly with your insurer or employer.

When is my claim sent to the insurance company?

Benevis sends claims to insurance companies each business day. Sometimes, Benevis may have to hold a claim until your insurance is ready to receive it.

How long will it take my insurance to pay?

The length of time it takes an insurance company to pay a claim can vary. It all depends on the payment process at your insurance company.

How is the amount I owe determined?

After you and your dentist agree upon your treatment plan, your dentist will give a best estimate of how much you will owe. But it is your insurance company that makes the final determination on how much you are responsible to pay. Co-pays or payments collected at the office are deposits against the amount owed, which is determined by your insurance company.

What are some things that hold up this process?

If your dentist or provider is missing any member information, the insurance company cannot process the claim. Missing member information is like having a missing or incorrect digit in a phone number. Without the complete information, your claim will not connect with your insurance, and you may have to pay the full charges.

What can I do to make sure my claim gets processed as quickly as possible?

Most insurance companies have a website where you can view the status of your claim. If you don’t see your claim or have questions, call your insurance’s customer service group or employee benefits department. Keep an eye out for mail or phone calls from Benevis letting you know if payment from your insurance company has not been received. If this happens, immediately contact your Insurance and Benefits department to resolve the issue.

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