Our Mission

Our mission is to improve access to dentistry by providing the highest quality non-clinical practice services to some of the nation’s leading dental practices.

We do this by affiliating with top dentists throughout the country, while providing excellent support services that help dentists better manage and grow practices. With our in-depth understanding of what it takes to run a successful dental practice – we strive to provide strategic support and top-notch services allowing dentists to do what they do best – practice dentistry.

Our primary mission – helping dentists do what they do best – practice dentistry.

Benevis’ comprehensive suite of dental practice support services are rated highly among dental support services organizations:

  • Discounted rates with leading labs & dental supply companies to help reduce costs and increase practice profitability
  • Hassle-free & easy payroll and benefits administration
  • Human resources consulting and support
  • Comprehensive review & recommendations of Payor agreements to improve negotiated rates & increase profitability
  • Streamlined and expert administration of practice finances
  • Expert management of facilities

Benevis also offers industry-leading compliance and auditing programs built around our proprietary Boomerang Practice Management (Electronic Health Records) systems to ensure quality care and transparency.

Our History

Benevis was founded (originally named NCDR, LLC) in 2002 to provide non-clinical support services to dentist office in Georgia. Our founding dentists envisioned a company that could ease the day to day administrative burdens of operating a dental office. Over the years we grew and expanded our service offering. In 2004 we created our award winning Boomerang dental practice management system for large groups. Over the years we have developed strong relationships with many service vendors, built robust patient call center, marketing, HR, and accounting support services designed specifically for the needs of dental offices. In 2010, we acquired DPMS, Inc. further expanding our non-clinical support abilities. In 2014, we officially changed our name to Benevis to better reflect the company’s mission to improve access to dentistry by providing the highest quality non-clinical practice services to some of the nation’s leading dental practices.

Our Clients

Benevis proudly supports over 150 practices across the United States. Our supported practices range from single dentist offices that have been serving their community for decades to large multi location practices serving thousands of patients. Our customizable suite of support services allow us to craft solutions to meet the needs of a wide variety of clients. Some of our clients include:

Additional services provided to groups over 10 offices

IT Services

From special high-capacity and stable networks to new equipment and best-in-class telephone options, our information technology professionals purchase, create and maintain the technology infrastructure you need to keep your practice running smoothly.


Managing thousands of insurance plans, getting the best rates, and collecting from patients can be a major headache. Our dedicated team improves collection times and achieves world class collection rates.


The myriad state, federal, and local regulations can be overwhelming to a practice. Our team helps ensure your practice is in compliance with the many regulations, so you can be confident your employees and patients are safe and in full compliance.

Our legal specialists have extensive experience that is unmatched in our field. With a broad range of experience from regulatory to trial, healthcare professionals can rest easy knowing they have excellent legal support should the need arise.


TV? Radio? Billboard? Postcards? Social media? What are the best ways to market your practice? With years of experience in highly competitive environments, the Benevis team consistently designs campaigns that drive patient growth.

Patient Call Center

Missed calls are missed opportunities. As your practice grows, handling calls at peak times can be difficult and costly. Make sure you are there when your patients need you. Our call center is here to make appointments, recall and confirm patients.

Boomerang Practice Management System

Benevis offers an industry-leading Practice Management System integrated with call centers, telephones, marketing, and accounting allowing for enterprise level management and analytics.


The medical and dental professions face sweeping change and regulations at both the state and federal levels can be hard to navigate. Patients and professionals need a voice and our government relations team is there to make sure your voice is heard.

Finance and Accounting Analytics

Analyzing data and finding good benchmarks can be a challenge. Find out if you are spending the right amount per patient and if your costs are competitive. Your finances, operating reports and taxes should never involve guesswork, we can help!